An ACT for erecting the upper part of the County of York into a distinct Town and Parish.

Passed 16th March, 1803.

Upper part of the County of York erected into the Parish,

to be called Wakefield.

I.   BE it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Assembly, That all that tract of country in the County of York, laying and being above the Towns of Woodstock and Northampton, and extending to the White Marsh, three miles above the Garrison at Presque Isle inclusive, and from the said upper boundary extending a line parallel to the upper boundary of the said Parishes of Woodstock and Northampton, be and the same is hereby erected and made a distinct Town and Parish, by the name of the Town and Parish of Wakefield.

Justices at their General Sessions to appoint Parish Officers.

II.   And be it further enacted, That the Justices of the General Sessions of the Peace for the county of York, at their General Sessions next ensuing, and annually thereafter, shall appoint Town and Parish Officers in and for the said Town and Parish, who shall be under like rules and regulations as other Town and Parish Officers in the same County.


C. 5. Anno XLIII. Geo. III.   A. D. 1803.



© R. Wallace Hale 2003, used with permission.