An ACT to erect the upper part of the County of York into a Town or Parish.

Passed the 20th of March, 1821.

Parish of Kent erected.

I.   BE it enacted by the Lieutenant Governor, Council, and Assembly, That all that part of the County of York lying above the Parish of Wakefield, on both sides of the River Saint John, be, and the same is hereby erected into a Town or Parish, and to be distinguished by the name of the Town or Parish of Kent.

Justices may appoint Parish Officers annually, in the same manner as for other Parishes, and appoint Officers for the present year at a Special Session.

II.   And be it further enacted, That the Justices of the Peace for the said County, shall and may have power to appoint annually from time to time, officers for the said Town or Parish of Kent, in the same manner as for other Towns or Parishes within the said County, and also that the said Justices may at a Special Session for that purpose to be holden, have power and authority to appoint such officers for the present year, which officers shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of their duties respectively, and be liable to the like penalty for not accepting of their respective offices, or neglecting or refusing to perform the duties of their several offices, as any other Town or Parish officers within the said County.


C. 22. Anno II. Geo. IV.   A. D. 1821.



© R. Wallace Hale 2003, used with permission.