Act Synopsis

Published Carleton Sentinel
10 May 1856


Section 1. — Defines the limits of the Town, viz: Commencing at the River St. John and at the north side line of lands now owned and occupied by William D. Smith; thence running the same course of said line back or westerly one mile; thence northerly and the same course with the River St. John, until it strikes on the upper or north side of land owned and occuped by the late Anthony Baker, in his life time; thence easterly along said north side line to the River St. John; thence southerly along said River St. John to the place of beginning, and to include also Bull's Island in front thereof.

  2.  Divides the Town into three Wards, and defines them as follows:
Ward Number One — includes all that portion east of the Great Road to Canada, bounded on the south by the Maduxnakik.
Ward Number Two — All that portion west of the Great Road to Canada, bounded on the south by the Maduxnakik.
Ward Number Three — All that portion south of the Maduxnakik.

  3.  Vests the administration of the fiscal, prudential, and municipal affairs, and the whole legislative power and government of the said Town, in a Mayor and six Councillors, two of whom to be annually elected for each Ward.

  4.  One Assessor to be elected in each Ward, and must be a resident in the Ward for which elected.

  5.  A Mayor, Councillor, or Assessor, must be 21 years of age, and possessed of one hundred pounds real or personal estate.

  6.  For first election, voters must be 21 years of age, and possessed of Twenty-five pounds real estate or personal property. At subsequent elections, residents in said Town for two years, who shall have been assessed upon property in the Assessment next preceding such election, and who have paid the same may vote. A receipt from the Collector a sufficient evidence of such payment.

  7.  Assessors to file a copy of the Assessment List for each Ward within one month with the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk to make up a registry or list of voters for each Ward before the first day of March in each and every year.

  8.  No person holding any office or place of profit in the disposal of the Council, shall be eligible for the Office of Mayor or Councillor; no person accountable for any part of the Town revenues, nor any person presiding at any election for Mayor, Councillor, or Assessor, neither any Clerk or Assistant employed by him at such election shall be elected to the Office of Mayor, Councillor or Assessor.

  9.  Any person elected to the Office of Mayor, Councillor or Assessor, neglecting or refusing to accept the same within the time limited, the said office to be declared vacant, and filled up by a new election.

10.  Any person holding the Office of Mayor, Councillor or Assessor, absent from the Council meetings more than two months at any one time without leave, except in case of sickness, shall be disqualified, and cease to hold his office.

11.  The first election to be held on the second Monday in May in the present year, and on the second Monday in March in each and every other year.

12.  Public notice of the time and place for holding elections to be given by the Clerk.

13 & 14.  Polling to commence at 10 o'clock in the forenoon; nominations to be made previously; and no votes counted except those given for persons so nominated.

15.  Voting by ballot.

16.  Nominations of Candidates at 9 o'clock, — Polling to commence at ten, and continue until five.

17.  In case no more candidates are proposed than what are necessary, the Poll to be immediately closed.

18.  The Officer holding any election as aforesaid, shall immediately after the close thereof make return to the Clerk of the names of the persons having the greatest number of votes, and declared by him to be elected.

19.  Poll list to remain in the Office of the Clerk, and to be open for inspection to any elector on the payment of one shilling.

20.  Mayor to be sworn.

21.  In the event of a vacancy by death, disqualification, or absence of the Mayor, or of a Councillor, or an Assessor, three of the Councillors shall in writing direct the Clerk to give notice of an election to supply such vacancy in the Office of Mayor.

22.  No person entitled to vote at any election unless his name shall appear in the list of voters for the Ward in which he claims to vote; he shall hand to the presiding Officer of such election a receipt from the Collector; and shall swear, if required, that he is the person named in the said receipt.

23.  Any person that knowingly swears falsely in the oaths prescribed by this Act, shall be deemed guilty of perjury.

24.  Every Elector shall vote only in the Ward in which he resides, and non-residents in the Ward shall be in which their property lies.

25.  Every person holding any such election deemed a Peace Officer on that occasion.

26.  The Mayor, Councillors and Assessors shall severally be sworn to the faithful discharge of their duty.

27.  Any person elected as Councillor for more than one Ward shall make his option, and declare for which he will serve.

28.  All Officers eligible for re-election if qualifed in other respects.

29.  Councillors and Assessors go out of office on the day appointed for the next annual election.

30.  Town Council meets quarterly, and such other times as the Mayor and any four Councillors may appoint.

31.  Three members with the Mayor or Chairman shall constitute a Court.

32.  The Mayor, when present, shall preside; in his absence a Chairman shall be appointed; the Mayor or Chairman shall have the casting vote, but no other; the meetings of the Council to be held with open doors.

33.  Minutes of proceedings to be entered in a book by the Clerk.

34.  The Council authorized to determine all matters relating to any dissatisfaction with the decision of the officer or person holding any election under this Act.

35.  The Council may appoint from their own body such Committees as may be necessary for the transaction of business.

36.  The Council may expel any member guilty of indecent language or improper conduct.

37.  Meetings of the Council may be adjourned.

38.  Council may appoint a Clerk, an Auditor, a City Treasurer, a Marshal, a Clerk of the Market, Constables, Surveyors of Roads, Collectors of Rates, Pound-Keepers, Harbour Masters, Wharfingers, Overseers of Poor.

39.  Treasurer, Clerk, Wharfingers, Collector of Rates, must enter into Bonds.

40 & 41.  The Treasurer to receive all moneys, and to pay them out upon an order signed by the Mayor or Chairman.

42.  A detailed statement of the receipts and expenditures to be published yearly.

43.  All officers appointed to act under the authority of the Council shall be accountable to the said Council.

44.  The Council in addition to their general powers of making Bye Laws for the good government of the said town, shall have power to make laws and regulations for sundry purposes, among which are the following—
To regulate and manage the market or markets, and to establish and regulate market days and fairs, provided that the same shall not come into operation until sanctioned by the Municipal Council of the County.

45.  Defines the powers of the Council, in reference to roads.

46.  Council may order assessments for repairing streets and roads, and for maintaining a Police Force.

47 & 48.  Defines the duties of Assessors.

49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 & 57.  Provides for assessments, collecting of rates.

58.  Certain powers transferred to and vested in the Town Council.

59.  Any officer of the Corporation a competent witness.

60.  The Mayor and Councillors during their continuance in office, shall have and exercise all the authority of Justices of the Peace.

61.  Neither Mayor nor Councillors shall receive any pay or remuneration for their services in that capacity.

63.1  All fines, penalties or forfeitures may be recovered before the Mayor and any one of the Councillors.

64.  Arrangements may be made between the Overseers of the Poor for the Parish and the Overseers of the Town for the support of the Poor of the Town and Parish.

65.  The County Council shall apportion the amount to be levied for County purposes, between that part of the Parish not incorporated and the Town of Woodstock.

66.  In the event of an equal number of votes being given for any two or more candidates for the office of Mayor, the Town Council shall immediately direct a new election to be held.

67.  The first election for Mayor, Councillors and Assessors shall be held by the Sheriff of the County and such persons as he may appoint, and any subsequent election by such persons as the Town Council may appoint.

68.  The Gaol of the County shall be the Gaol of the said Town of Woodstock.


1.   Number 62 not mentioned.