Lieut. Col. William T. Baird


William T. Baird was born at Fredericton about 1818, son of John and Annie (Diggin) Baird. He learned the druggist's profession as an apprentice to James Gale at that place, and removed, as a young man, to Woodstock, where he established and operated a successful druggist trade.

On 6 January, 1842, at Woodstock, Mr. Baird married Sarah Ann Shea, a granddaughter of the Loyalist William Elihu Shea. Although a resident of Northampton, Baird took an active interest in Woodstock's affairs, and played a major role in the Carelton County Militia, rising through the ranks from Second Lieutenant to Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st Battalion. He also served as deputy Quartermaster-General of the New Brunswick Militia from 1863 to 1867. At the time of the Fenian threat, Col. Baird was charged with the creation, arming and training of Home Guard units at various locations for the defence of Carleton County.

His Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life, published in 1890 and reprinted, in a limited edition, in 1978, is still a highly desirable and valuable historical reference.