MC 23


Often referred to as a dynasty, the McCain family of Florenceville originated in Carleton County with Andrew McCain, who arrived in New Brunswick in 1827 as an Irish immigrant. Andrew's family, begun about 1835, included Henry H. McCain, born in 1854. Henry McCain was of an energetic nature and well suited for the business career he pursued. Although his business interests were diverse, they centered on the production and shipping of agricultural commodities . In addition to his business interests, Henry McCain was active in political life. He served two terms in the N. B. Legislature, being elected in 1895 and 1899. He died at his home in West Florenceville in 1920. Three children survived Henry's death. They included a son Andrew McCain who controlled the businesses founded by his father and two daughters, Hazel McCain and Muriel McCain, who remained at the family home.

The shipping business started by Henry McCain, and continued by Andrew McCain, included a variety of agricultural produce but later came to focus on shipping potatoes, in which Andrew McCain became a major figure. Andrew McCain's sons not only continued the businesses he controlled, but have founded the present day McCain food processing empire. While still centered in Florenceville, as were Henry and Andrew's businesses, the McCain companies are now international in scope.

The records in this collection were generated primarily by H. H. McCain. A secondary group came from personal and political sources, also primarily those of H. H. McCain. A small part of this group were related to Hazel and Muriel McCain, since the collection remained in their care after their parents' deaths.

CONTENT: This collection consists of records, correspondence, photographs, and a variety of materials which give us an insight to the personal and business life of the Henry McCain family during the latter part of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The business records are from businesses owned and operated by H. H. McCain. The other records cover a broader time period, that being 1815 - 1967.