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In a County carved out of the wilderness and settled by pioneers, and their descendants, all of whom made their unique contribution to the growth and prosperity of the area, some individuals received public acclaim by virtue of their outstanding roles and achievements. They were honored in their own time and are yet remembered for their deeds.

Others, whose works were of importance, received small recognition, if any, during their lifetime, and have been almost completely forgotten today.

The Society salutes those pioneer settlers, as well as the immigrants who came after them, and others who have made important contributions to society in Carleton County. It is the intention of the Society to provide brief biographical sketches of individuals in both categories, as time, funds and research permit. Suggestions, biographical information and pictures are most welcome.

Francis Peabody Sharp, 1823 - 1903, orchardist. He was Canada's first fruit breeder, and is rightly considered the "Father of Fruit Culture."

Edwin Tappan Adney, 1868 - 1950. He was a multi-talented genius, the world's foremost expert on Native American bark canoes, and probably the best White friend Native people in the Maritimes ever had.
George Frederick Clarke, D.D.S., LL.D., 1883 - 1974.
Peter Paul, LL.D., 1902 - 1989.
Ven. William Odber Raymond, B.A., M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.C., 1853 - 1923.
LaFayette (Fay) N. Rogers, 1891-1973, soldier, cabinet maker, teacher, musician and friend.
Lieut.-Colonel William T. Baird, Quartermaster-General of the New Brunswick Militia, established a drug store at Woodstock, author of Seventy Years of New Brunswick Life.