Model Soldiers #2006.156.1 et seq.

The complete collection, displayed on a 7-foot table.


This collection of 1/32 scale hollowcast lead soldiers, all manufactured by Britains Limited, London, England, includes 190 groups, well over a thousand individual figures. The collection is shown above, arrayed on a table 7 feet in length.

The collection includes Britain #24, 9th Queen's Royal Lancers; Britain #28, Mountain Artillery; Britain #33, 16/5th Queen's and Royal Irish Lancers; Britain #39, Royal Artillery; Britain #40, 1st Dragoons and Somersetshire Light Infantry; Britain #64, 2nd Madras Lancers and 7th Bengal Infantry; Britain #100, 21st Empress of India Lancers; Britain #127, 7th Princess Royal Dragoon Guards; Britain #146, Army Service Corps; Britain #203, Pontoon Section; Britain #205, Coldstream Guards, and a great many others not yet identified.


Received from the Vince family of Woodstock (biographical data is included in the Archives section), these units appear to date from 1913 or later, but before 1931. Condition is generally good, although there are a few damaged pieces, perhaps caused by use of some of the artillery shown above.