Busby #980.2.79



Uniform hat, 9 inches high, the fur cover is reputed to be bear hair. Label inside the hat states it was made by Hobson & Sons, "Army Volunteer, Railway & Police Clothing Contractors, Helmet, Cap & Accoutrement Makers, 37 & 38 Little Windmill St, Haymarket, London W. And at Artillery Place, Woolwich."


The two-piece 67th Carleton Light Infantry badge, bearing a king's crown, is shown above. The 67th was formed in 1869, during the reign of Queen Victoria, and the badge appears to utilize a George III or George IV design, probably from the 1st Battalion, Carleton County Militia badge, with a new 67th Battalion insert. Contrast this with the badge on the 1887 dress helmet.

Received from the Hay family of Woodstock in 1979. The hat was probably part of the uniform of Arthur Wilmot Hay (1858-1919), and shows much wear.