Commode #2006.4



Painted pine commode, 76.5 cm. high, 66 cm. wide, 44 cm. deep, with an 18 cm. deep top compartment, accessible by a hinged lid. The lower compartment has a 31 x 48.6 cm. hinged door. Inside of the door is marked, "From A. H. Henderson Steam Furniture Factory, Upper Woodstock, N.B."

The commode top shows much wear, and a glue joint on the door needs a minor repair, but otherwise, the commode is in quite good condition. The source, acquisition date and history of this piece are not known, and at present, it can only be dated as "after 1873."

Alexander Henderson came to Upper Woodstock from Saint John, New Brunswick, about 1863, and began making furniture about 1866. Around 1873, he built his "Steam Furniture Factory" at Upper Woodstock, adding a ware, or show, room a few years later. Alexander Henderson died in 1908