Foot Warmer #2006.2



Stoneware foot warmer, 24.7 cm. long, 12.1 cm. wide and 16 cm. deep, capacity about a quart, marked "Doulton's Reliable Foot Warmer, Lambeth Pottery, London."

John Doulton and John Watts, under the style of Doulton & Watts, made salt glazed stoneware in a small pottery at Vauxhall Walk, later moving to Lambeth Walk, south London. The company continued trading as Doulton & Watts until John Watts retired in 1854, when the name was changed to Doulton & Co. In 1901 it became Royal Doulton. The Lambeth works was closed in 1956.

In the absence of a donor's name and history of use, the foot warmer can only be dated generally to a period between the mid to late 1800s through to the early 1900s.