Pith Helmet #1996.1.995



Infantry dress helmet as worn by the 67th Battalion, Carleton Light Infantry. In 1869 Lieut.-Colonel William T. Baird, who had a long service with New Brunswick Militia, organized six companies and a brass band to form the 67th Battalion from the old Carleton County Militia, which had existed since 1834.

In the same year, 1869, Col. Baird accepted the appointment of Paymaster of Military District 8, New Brunswick, so Lieut.-Colonel Charles R. Upton took command of the 67th. Under his command, 4 more companies were added to the Battalion, but one was retired in 1880 when Donald McLeod Vince formed the Brighton Engineers from that company.

The 67th Battalion, Carleton Light Infantry, was merged in 1937 with the 71st York Infantry battalion to form the Carleton & York Regiment.

In 1887, Queen Victoria's Jubilee year, the men and officers of the 67th purchased the white dress helmets at their own expense, prior to appearing at Brigade Camp at St. Andrews.

The badge on this dress helmet is a "proper" badge, surmounted by a queen's crown. Contrast it with the badge on the Busby.

The acquisition date, as well as the names of the original owner and donor are unknown.