Rim Lock #2006.16



Single lever, single ward rim, or box, lock, 19.2 cm. long, 11.3 cm. wide and 2.6 cm. thick. Lock body forged from 0.2 cm. sheet iron, housing an iron bolt, 19.2 cm. long, 4 cm. wide and 1.5 cm. thick, which protrudes 2.1 cm. in the locked position. The flat spring is 0.3 cm. stock and the lever is approximately the same.


The keyhole is 3.6 cm. high by 1 cm. wide, denoting a heavy key. The metal part of the lock is inset in a 5.2 length of 3.8 by 13.7 cm. hand-planed plank, secured by six 1.5 cm. long forged square brads. The entire assembly can be attached to a door by four screws.

The source and history of the lock are unknown. Whether it was made by a local blacksmith in the early days of the settlement of the Woodstock area, or came from another colony is likely to remain a mystery.