Microscope #1991.2.300

Bausch & Lomb microscope, Continental pattern, s/n 38842, brass body and base, with #1 and #2 eyepieces, 1/6, 1/12 and 2/3 turret mounted objective lenses, in the original fitted mahogany case.

The horseshoe base bears the name of Chandler & Massey, Limited, Toronto & Montreal, the Canadian importers.

The microscope was owned and used by Dr. Walter O. Chestnut, who began his medical practice in Hartland, New Brunswick, in 1924, remaining there until he retired. Dr. Chestnut devoted his life to medicine and was widely regarded as a brilliant diagnostician.

In addition to this item, the Society also received his Leitz microscope, probably of a similar vintage, his medical library and an assortment of medical paraphenalia.