Carpenter's Plane #75.41.16


The wooden plow plane above, is 18.8 cm. long, 24 cm. wide, and 16.2 cm. high, with ½-inch blade, and an adjustable wooden fence moving on a pair of wooden rails.. Toe stamped "W. Fellows."

The upper plane, at right, is an interesting moulding plane with dual cutters and discharge ports on each side. Toe is stamped "H. Morrill, Bangor" (Maine) and "J. T. Alben."

The lower plane uses a skewed blade to cut a ¼ square groove. The front, vertical blade scores both sides of the cut and the rear blade removes the wood within the scored lines. Toe stamped "W. Fellow, London"

These three planes came from the Vail family, Jacksonville, along with other wooden planes and carpenter's tools.