Mourning Ring #75.608



Gold ring, apparently made from a 4 mm. wide strip of flat-bottomed U-channel stock, formed into a circle with the ends soldered together, the joint hidden by a thin gold cap, about 14 mm. in length, bearing the script initials, M. A. S. F. The ring bears no maker's mark or any indication of the gold content, and was probably made by a jeweller in the Fredericton, N.B., area.

The channel is filled with two strands of braided brown human hair, side by side. The initials S. I. F. are engraved, again in script, on the inside of the band at the back.

"S. I. F." was Susan Isabella Fisher. The ring commemorates the death of her niece, Mary Ann Susannah Fisher, daughter of Charles Fisher, Fredericton, on April 15th, 1853.

Susan Isabella Fisher, sister of Charles and L. P. Fisher, died, unmarried, at Woodstock on December 7th, 1911.